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It Pays to Bitch

So no one joined me on my anti-Atlanta Gas and Light crusade.  I had a few people who told me to “keep up the fight” and such, but no one was exactly putting on their rally hats.  And since Gas South had sent me to collections for a total amount of around $100, some of which was legitimately owed by me, I broke down and sent in a check for around $60 yesterday.  I still did not pay the AGL pass through fees for the month of August and the late fee associated with that charge, which made up for the difference.  I was hoping that Gas South would accept the partial payment and move on.

I was eating an early lunch today when my phone rang.  Lately I’ve been nervous to answer any unrecognized numbers because of the collections agency calling me.  I’ve heard stories about what you say to these collections agencies can be used against you and be binding legal agreements and stuff like that.  But this was a local number and I decided to answer it.  It was a very nice woman from Gas South saying that they had been contacted by Atlanta Gas and Light (AGL) regarding some concerns I had with my account and Gas South had been told to wave the $24.05 plus ALL late fees associated with my account!  As soon as they receive the check I sent yesterday, the money will be applied to the account and they will send me a refund check.

I still haven’t received any answers regarding the questions posed to AGL, however.  I would still like to see what they had to say.

But the lesson learned is an old cliché –  don’t just roll over and accept injustice.  Take a stand for what you believe is right.