New Diggs (for the Blog)

Cartoon by Phil Johnson. You can find this one and his weekly cartoon at

RockPaperScissors has a new look!  A new layout called “Digg 3 Column” and a new header.  Do you dig the new Digg?

Maybe you noticed that it has a built-in RSS feed button in the header (I’ve been telling everyone about the RSS button and apparently, I wasn’t as behind the times as I thought I was by only discovering this a few weeks ago!), tweet button at the bottom of each post (which I’m assuming automatically re-tweets the link to my post from the clicker’s twitter account) and the new *eyebrow wiggle* “rate it” button.

I’m excited to see what happens with these small five stars.  Now I have so much more analytical information than just hits to the blog and where the hit came from.  Don’t worry about my feelings, just go ahead and be honest. (I’m pretty sure I won’t have any clue who rated the post, anyway…)

My five little (so far) empty stars make me wonder – how often do you click the “like” button on facebook? What motivates you to do so?


Picture This…

A cute little “Pardon Our Mess” sign hanging on the door of this blog.  I am sitting at the in-laws’ right now, and I should have known better than to go messin’ with the html code of my blog while I’m not on my own computer.  Bummer.  So you’ll have to put up with this generic picture until I can do something about it on Monday.


I am loving HootSuite! It organizes all my social networking including twitter, facebook, linkedin and my blog! 

It also pulls the twitter feed into three different streams:  status updates; status updates that mention my name; and direct messages!  No more searching through tweets to see if someone messaged/mentioned me!

No more having to visit four different websites to get updates.  With this and me (finally) understanding how to use Google Reader, I just may be able to keep up with all the blogs, websites, job postings and status updates that I want!