Obliteration Friday

I’m not usually one to jump on a bandwagon, so while everyone has been so pissed at BP for the oil spill I have reserved judgement because honestly I didn’t think twice about offshore drilling until the explosion and havoc the oil is reeking on our gulf coast ecosystem and economy.

However, when someone takes a travesty like this rig explosion and the subsequent disaster and tries to make a buck off of it, THAT “really grinds my gears,” as Peter Griffin would say.  So when we received a fax at work suggesting the investment in a company that mainly has land rigs because their profits will soon soar because of the moratorium Obama has recently placed upon offshore rigs, I decided to convert their profiteering into commentary.  Thus, facsimile poetry friday.


“I’m a vampire, babe, /suckin’ blood / from the earth / I’m a vampire, baby, / suckin’ blood / from the earth / Well, I’m a vampire, babe, / sell you / twenty barrels worth.”