Today was our monthly book club meeting (our second of since formation) at Safehouse Coffee and Tea.  Though only one other person showed up, I thoroughly enjoyed talking with Pam about a little bit of everything, including Confederacy of the Dunces. Near the end of our discussion, my cousin, Mike Williamson showed up and sparked the conversation back up by comparing himself to the hilariously anti-social protagonist of the book. 

Pam was new to Safehouse, and even though I have no claim to the successes of Hunt and Amanda Slade’s wonderful establishment, I am extremely proud of all that they have accomplished.  So to all of those who have yet to visit Safehouse, please do yourself a favor and just go look around, even if you don’t like coffee or tea.  As I said tonight to Pam, Safehouse is the hub of everything I would like Griffin to be.  Art, books, the smell of roasting coffee, and an extremely laid-back atmosphere. 

As usual, I am digressing.  Since I’m toying with the idea of beginning a blog for our book club, I’ll spare you a discussion of Confederacy of Dunces – but let’s just say that if you enjoy sarcasm, satire and uncomfortable comedy, you’ll enjoy that book.

After returning home, I began gathering more items for the yard sale.  We have much more stuff that we do not use than I thought.  A quick raid of the kitchen turned up a crock pot, blender and toaster oven that were all replaced by newer model wedding gifts, a set of white dishes, service for four (I’m still hunting down 3 of the bowls, but I’m confident they will be located before Saturday), an electric coffee grinder, many wine glasses, and more.

Here’s a quick list as a teaser to get you to show up to our yard sale and find something you know you need:

 A husband (No, I’m not selling my man.  It’s that pillow thing that has arms that allows you to sit up in bed to read or watch t.v.); a knitted Georgia blanket (it’s huge!); magazines out the wazzo – a year’s subscription worth of Real Simple and many wedding magazines; books – mostly paperback easy reads; blankets, curtains, placemats; tablecloths; two large lamps (sans shades); many purses, shoes, clothing items (in good condition and mostly name-brand) and jewelry; white, gold-rimmed china (plates and saucers only); a vacuum with 3 bags; an old set of golf clubs; chairs that were in the process of being recovered; venetian blinds; a coffee table; an old upholstered chair (very pretty but needs cleaning; many mason jars; and more.

If all of that isn’t enough to entice you, maybe this is:  I think we’re up to about 10 families/households throwing in items.  I know of these other items: a washer and dryer set, a stove/range, a dishwasher, a couch and chair; much women’s and men’s nice clothing (young people’s clothing – not the old nightgown-ish stuff no one would actually want…) seasonal items and more. 

It’s ridiculous the amount of stuff we have.  And hey, if you don’t really need anything, stop by anyway and make us feel good that people actually showed up. 

Neighborhood Yard Sale
136 Milner Avenue, Griffin
Saturday, June 19 8 a.m. til the last item sells (the last person there just may get a bunch of free stuff)