Good Friday

Bluebird CSA goodies

Today was such a good day! After almost finishing Newton Crouch Inc’s catalog, I swung by Liberty Technology to pick up my CSA share. It was so exciting to see what was in the box – I was like a kid at Christmas. Adam was pretty stoked about the amount of food we got for $15, too.
Our quarter share contained:
A baby watermelon
4 pears
4 peaches
5 tomatoes
6 squashes
2 ears of corn
Small bag of okra
1 lb of green beans
8 oz crowder peas (roughly and I’m guessing at the type of pea)
4 apples and
1 red bell pepper (I’m glad for only 1 because though I love them, Adam REFUSES to eat red or green peppers)
HOLY COW what a great deal!!

AND, not only do I have lots of local produce to cook and chow down on, I came home to a clean carport and kitchen! Turns out my husband Adam took the afternoon off and didn’t tell me! He came home and cleaned and left me a note to “take my shoes off and relax.” And you know what; with a big grin and a juicy peach in my hand, I think I’ll do just that.  Happy weekend, y’all!

I wrote this post yesterday using my WordPress application on my phone.  It wouldn’t go through, however, saying the server was timing out.  Stupid phone and stupid internet that we still don’t have… but thankfully it’s coming this Tuesday hopefully! 

PS – used a lot of the fresh produce already.  Adam devoured the fresh beans (Lima, by the way – I was wrong) and I mixed the squash with onion and sliced one of the tomatoes.  Adam doesn’t usually eat sliced tomatoes, but he ate half of that darn tomato!