Squashes Are Blooming!

Adam and I planted some squash seeds last year – well, I should say I planted squash seeds last year against Adam’s advice that they wouldn’t grow. For one of the few times in our relationship and recent marriage, he was right. Not a single plant grew.

I found the leftover seed package this year and decided to try¬†again, this time in a spot that gets more sun, and though Adam warned me again that they probably wouldn’t grow (this time because I hadn’t frozen the seeds over the winter) we now have squash blooms!!!

I watched them grow from little babies, and now I have roughly 23 grown squash plants that are blooming!



Lately I’ve been thinking more and more about “getting off the grid.” I suppose it all started back when I worked for Scoop Magazine and heard about Gwen Roland’s book, Atchafalaya Houseboat: My Life in the Louisiana Swamp. Gwen now lives very near my hometown of Griffin, but (as the name of the book implies) spent over a decade living on a riverboat in the middle of a swamp. They bought the barge and built the house on top, using NO POWER TOOLS, I may add.

(This is actually Gwen on her houseboat)

I feel like getting “off the grid,” e.i., purchasing land and having at least a semi-self-sustaining homestead, would help cure some of the “gotta make more money,” “gotta pay this bill,” “we need a new _____.” But then I wonder if I’m romanticizing that type of lifestyle. Would it curb the capitalistic cravings my husband and I have to actually work with our own hands for the materialistic part of our life?

I have a small garden and I absolutely love watching things grow, especially when I plant from seeds. There’s just something absolutely magical about putting something so small in the ground and watching it inch its way up to the sky and then bloom or produce fruit. Would I love that on a larger scale?

Lately I’ve had what could be called an absurd desire – I want a chicken or two. I want to raise them from chicks and keep them in the backyard of our semi-urban home. We have about 1/4 acre, part of which is a very pretty, fenced backyard. I don’t even know why I want these chickens so badly, as I don’t particularly enjoy eggs all that much, though I do use a few now and again for cooking. My husband thinks I’m crazy.

So how do you begin an “off-the-grid” lifestyle? It seems like even though eventually you save money setting up a homestead if you include things like solar panels, a rainwater harvesting system, and a farm, you need a lot of startup capital; something my husband and I just don’t have right now.

I get overwhelmed when thinking about all the -ilities that come with getting off the grid – possibilities, responsibilities, probability (that I’ll actually enjoy it, after all, I do enjoy getting dressed up and going out and having the occasional new toy) – that I don’t even know where to begin. I’m GRIDlocked.