Found in Asheville

I will go ahead and admit it before she calls me out… I blatantly stole this idea from my friend, Melanie.  She was talking about starting a “Found” blog and uploading pictures of random stuff she finds – a lonely shoe, a little note, discarded bank deposit slips. 

This “Found Blog” has come to mind a lot during my trip to Asheville, where there is much randomness to find.  Here are a few of the things my husband and I have found:

Who or what is VASH? Found on a railing in the Asheville City Park

Alien painting on plyboard covering defunct shop window

They parked a double-decker bus on a lot and turned it into a coffee shop - there was seating in the bus or you could sit in the shaded courtyard outside the bus to enjoy your beverage


I looked, but never found the actual "Hot Dog King"

There were many of these taped to buildings, poles and the inner rim of trash cans around the town. Others included "I like being the center of attention" and "I've taken over 400 hits of LSD." Nice.

Cat hanging from a lamp post

Cat climbing up a wall

Same cat from before, different angle

This is the closest my husband has ever been to an iron, large or small

Crazy bench, husband is checking it out




2 Responses

  1. Very cool!, but
    “Cat climbing up a wall” isn’t’ really climbing. She’s stretching and rubbing the outer layers of her claws for hygienic purposes, which also appears to be “clawing”, according to humanspeak.

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