My First Lino

I finally got over myself last night!  Lino block carving is definitely something to get the hang of.  Here’s a few things I learned on my first go of it.






1.  Be very, very careful.  I cut myself.  Twice.


2.  “Ink” is different from “paint” – it’s much thicker.

3. It takes a lot more ink than you think it would.

First, Second and Third Tries. Just right the first time, not enough the second and too much ink on the third try.

4. Don’t press too hard with the carving tool, it will dig too deep and make it hard to keep a clean line.

5.  I probably do need that press that I put back on the Hobby Lobby shelf so that the ink will be distributed evenly.

6.  Lino block carving is a great and easy medium for suggesting textures.

6.  I like the folk art look of outlining the shapes in the picture but I think I’ll like better the clean look of one image in the center with negative space all around.

I will be trying again soon!  Stay crafty, my friends.  (Most interesting man in the world)


6 Responses

  1. good job at taking the plunge! you never know your true potential until you start! keep it up! can’t wait to see your next creation

  2. thank you ma’am! 🙂 it’s fun to try but also easy to get discouraged when you see the amazing things people can create with this medium! some of it is extremely intricate! I need to work on my patience and get rid of the desire to start and finish a project in the same night. ha!

  3. each mistake is a learning experience. Keep going girl!

  4. wow!! thats so cool!!

    and I really like your blog!! keep up the good work 😀

  5. Keep up the great work! 🙂 I’ve cut myself plenty of times over the years, it’s just part of the game. & thanks for the shout out in your earlier post!

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